Atmizoo Qbix RBA Pod Kit?

Ok. So we have been hearing about a boro device from Aspire that is coming soon called the Boxx. Well, this is a site about the Billet Box, why am I worried about the Aspire Boxx? The answer is quite simple. The Boxx will forward and backward compatible with the Billet Box. What’s that mean? The new bridge and RBA options, specifically the Qbix RBA Pod Kit by Atmizoo. Yes, Atmizoo of VapeShell and VapeSnail fame. Oh, and don’t forget, Atmizoo is supposed to be launching a new Boro this year too, details when I learn more.

What is the Qbix RBA Pod Kit

I found more info about the Aspire Boxx and it seems that the Boxx is going to come with 2 different Boros, one that takes Nautilus coils and one that takes BP coils. In addition, there’s an RBA Boro that will likely be sold separately. This one is basically an all-in-one device like the VapeSnail and appears to be the Atmizoo part of the Aspire/Sunbox/Atmizoo collaboration.

It looks like it’s the size of a DotAIO tank, but I’ve been told it’s standard Boro size. It should fit in your Billet Box, Delro, etc… as well as the Aspire Boxx.

Specs from Aspire UK


  • 2ml Capacity
  • 2 post deck design
  • Super high end flavour production
  • 10x AFC pins for ultra refined airflow control


  • 1x Qbix RBA Pod (2ml)
  • 10x AFC pins
  • 1x RBA AFC Adapter (preinstalled)

I found another website that listed the air intake components for the Qbix RBA: φ0.8/φ1.0/φ1.2/φ1.5/φ1.8/φ2.0/φ2.5/φ3.0/φ3.5/φ4.0(Preinstalled)

I wish it was bigger than 2ml, but maybe this version is UK only and UK has that TPD restriction going on.

As for the other tanks, in theory, they should fit in your Billet Box too.

This photo was posted by Brixs Vape on Facebook. I am not sure if this is the “Deluxe” kit or a reviewers kit, but it comes with all 3 of the tanks, plenty of coil choices and the Aspire Boxx. I will definitely be grabbing one to see if the Tanks fit in our Billet Boxes. I’ve never used BP coils, but I’d be willing to give them a try.
UPDATE: I got confirmation that this photo is the Deluxe kit, but this kit will also be an option for purchase when the Aspire Boxx is available.

I will post more info as it becomes available.

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