SnailTank Boro?

A new tank is apparently going soon from Atmizoo… the SnailTank! This is like the Vape Snail, but without the RBA section. They should have these available soon!

You’ve got the VapeShell, then the VapeSnail, and now this. It looks like the VapeSnail, which is a self inclosed RBA within its own Boro, but without the RBA. You can use the SnailTank with other RBAs. I should be able to throw my Bridg’d or MOBB in there, as well as the VapeShell.

Imagine a tank that can host Boro bridges and RBAs. A tank that can fit inside any AIO nest that a Boro can fit. A tank that can mate with any condensation plug or insert which a Boro can work with. Only better.

Made of PCTG, resistant against tank cracker liquids. Clear or Colored. Refillable through a large refill cover. With access to the RBA deck even when full of juice, any time, in the case of VapeShell and some other bridges. In any case, much easier to use with any RBA.

Well, you don’t need to imagine anymore, because this tank is real.

The SnailTank has been designed since spring 2020 and after being tested for the last couple of months, it’s almost ready for production.


Atmizoo posted some photos on their Facebook page a few hours ago.

This is definitely going to be interesting. I am looking forward to buying a couple for sure. The quality of Atmizoo products is always top-notch. Atmizoo is continuing to innovate and we love to see that. I have not heard anything about a price point yet, but I will share more information about the SnailTank as we find out. Maybe HB Corps will share a post about them soon too.

The one thing that I worry about is the fit with the Rev 4c models. My Mums boros fit a bit tight in the new Cerakoted models, well some of them. The RPG is tight, but the Blanca is just fine. We’ll see in due time!

Thanks Atmizoo for offering us more options for the Billet Box.

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