Billet Box Vapor’s Website Update

Poking around on Billet Box Vapor’s website over the weekend, it seems as if they might be merging the website and the store together. I noticed several changes in the store already.

  • The logo has changed from their name in text to their actual logo.
  • The colors changed too. Yellow wasn’t there before.
  • The front page looks less like a store and more like a website’s front page with a slideshow and all. That reminds me, it’s probably time to update ours here on Billet Box Info.
  • Doug Dino has come to life in cartoon form!
  • The updates from the regular website are now on the store website.
  • There’s a FAQ section and other “pages” on the store too.
  • Oh, and the thing that threw me off this weekend, the out-of-stock items now say “Out of Stock” instead of being blank until the “Add to Cart” shows up at drop time.

It looks to me like they’re planning on merging the 2 sites into 1 site. That’s a good idea!

Overall, I like what they are doing!

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