Billet Box Facebook Pages

Facebook groups to buy/sell/trade Billet Boxes and accessories and accessory maker groups, etc. Many of the private accessory maker’s group are where you sign up for lists to obtain their products.

Billet Box Facebook Pages

Billet Box Buy, Sell, and Trade

  • Billet & Boolin 3.0 (21+) – Buy Sell Trade group. Very active and a great place to buy and sell, but be aware, they do allow discussion and buying and selling of clones.
  • Friendly Flipper BST [21+] – Group for finding your FF items from others.This not the main FF Facebook group.
  • All Day Boros – One of my 1st and favorite groups. Lots of helpful people. Great community.

Billet Box Panel Makers on Facebook

  • Everything BT Customs – U.S. Made High-End Billet Box accessories and mods from the shop of Bennett Tool Customs.
  • *SSPP*super secret panel project*SSPP* (21+) – Beautifully handcrafted acrylic panels.
  • Rainy Panels – Home of the Rainy Panel, individually machined with care in America’s most technologically advanced apartment dining room.
  • Atmo Mods – The only in-house fabricator in Australia for panels. Recently expanding to tips and the release of an RBA. Official repairer for Hellfire, Harpy, Protocol and BMM for Australia and New Zealand.
  • 4DCB – Maker of Linx inners and panels. 4DCB started as a stabilized wood supplier and has evolved into a full-fledged woodworking shop.
  • KONTRL  – Panels by Sway Medina for the Billet Box, DotAio, and other Boro devices.
  • Vital Designs – Panels for Billet Box and other Boro devices.
  • Your Mums Vapes – Group for Mums products. Panels, the best 3rd party Boros, and more. Frequent updates when they update website stock of their products.
  • RJ Mod – Super high-end, engraved aluminum panels. Very limited runs.

Billet Box Bridge Makers on Facebook

  • WICK’D – Maker of one of the most sought-after accessories, the Bridg’d RBA.
  • Haku Engineering (21+) – This is the maker of the Xeta RBA as well as some other high-end vaping products.
  • Atimizoo – Maker of the VapeShell and VapeSnail.
  • Mission XV – Maker of the KRMA, Mission EUC Bridge, and the Orbit.
  • jgmw / delro – Maker of the BriJG

Billet Box Accessory Makers on Facebook

  • The Treasury Collection –  Facebook Group for high-end leather work cases for the Billet Box and other items.
  • Desce – Facebook group for the famous Desce pouches.
  • NS Modz – Billet Box Accessories from NS Modz in the UK.
  • Mechanical Therapy – Billet Box Repair, Cerakoting, Laser Engraving, and more.
  • Bovingdon Fab – 3rd party accessories for your Billet Box, including replacement switches for the Mission Switch in various colors.
  • Lightn’ Up Customs Inc – Billet Box Panels, screws, laser engraving, and more.
  • Elemental Cerakote – Custom Billet Box cerakoting, laser engraving, and more.
  • The Boro Squad – Billet Box and other Boro device community run by VapeShed.
  • Sturdy MFG – Some Billet Box Accessories and other AIO high-end accessories.
  • SCNTST – Billet Box Accessories, inners, etc
  • YEC Studio – Billet Box Accessories, inners, panels, and more.

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