Turns 1 Today!

Today is the 1 year Birthday of this website. I honestly can’t believe it’s been a year already. Not only has it gone so fast, but I also have so much unfinished work to do on the site. I really need to get on it. I have let the site slip a little and put too much work into providing content on the Facebook page. To be honest, the site gets plenty of traffic from search engines and organic views, but there’s not much “conversation” that happens here. I think that is why I post more on the Facebook page. All the main info I want to get out there is on this site though, minus the info I still need to finish. The “To-Do” list will be added below.

Why BilletBox.Info?

I posted most of that in the 1st post on this site on April 11th, 2020, but I will say it again!

When I finally decided to get into the Billet Box game, I was lost. All the different names, Bx8, KurbisBoro, I didn’t know what all that meant. I searched around but didn’t find many resources to make head or tails of it all. I was lucky to have a couple of friends from the Monarchy and Hussar communities to help me out some.

There was plenty of info about the Billet Box, but it was scattered throughout the interwebz… Facebook groups, forums like ECF, VU, and even Planet of the Vapes UK. I scoured these sites for info and read every post that DD made on ECF. When I dive down into a hobby, I like to know everything I can so I started digging. I was really surprised that an ICONIC DEVICE LIKE THE BILLET BOX didn’t already have a shrine to honor it. Almost 10 years of Billet Box and nobody did this? Really? Well, I decided on this day one year ago, to put the site together and got to work feverishly.

When I started the site, my main goal was to have the following features:

  • A blog with Billet Box news and my own personal adventures as well as those of some of my friends. (done)
  • A Link directory to all the best websites/groups to buy/sell/trade accessories and learn more about Billet Boxes as well as retailers selling Billet Box accessories. (done, but needs to be updated)
  • A database of some of the most common accessories complete with video reviews from some of the best YouTubers embedded into the listings. ( Done, but needs to be revamped and updated)
  • As time goes on, I will add more features like the Billet Box History and FAQ pages. (Done)

I added other features, some that I ended up removing, some that are still here, like the Bridge list. I ended up removing the gallery because it was a pain in the ass to maintain and there was a little drama too. One of my favorite features of the site is the Billet Box Model Database when I show all the colors and button combinations that have been sold by Billet Box Vapor.

To-Do List

  • Start posting more here. I started posting more on the Facebook page because more people interact with posts on Facebook and it’s quicker and easier to get it done. Most of what I post on Facebook isn’t worthy of a blog post here anyhow, but I need to do better at providing better content on this actual site.
  • Add a search to the main page. While I have been searching for info today to share in this post, I noticed that I never put a search bar on the main page. There is a search bar all over the site, just not on the main page. What kind of webmaster leaves a site like that? Me!
  • RBA List Update, including getting HB Corps, Raedyn, and Adam Horowytz to update their “Favorite RBA” lists. 🙂
  • Finish writing all the drafts that I started and never finished like the “Can you afford the Rabbit Hole” post I started last June.
  • Update and finish the Panel Maker database that I abandoned.
  • Be more active on Instagram and YouTube. The YouTube part is hard though because I am not buying every single thing that gets released anymore. PS. Follow and subscribe to me on those channels too. Thanks. 🙂

Special Thanks

There are a ton of people that made this website possible. I will likely forget a few as well, but here goes…

  • 1st and most important, Billet Box Vapor. If it weren’t for “the most bad ass E-cig Vaporizer on planet earth” being made and standing the test of time, there would be no This site would have come much earlier if I would have jumped down the rabbit hole much earlier. Over 7 years, I almost bought one 2 other times before I finally decided to jump in. While Billet Box Vapor is very busy and didn’t have time to answer any of my questions for a large portion of the site’s existence, they eventually found time for me and I have a great relationship with the company and the individuals that make it happen now. I am very appreciative of the time they carve out of their busy schedules to help me now.
  • Next up, Monarch Andrzej! Who? Ya, he’s not active anymore, but he was a friend of mine in the Monarchy group and he used to run all the lists for Monarchy. When I was looking for my 1st Billet Box, I made a post in a general Buy/Sell/Trade group on Facebook and he replied. My phone autocorrected Billet Box to Biker Box. Well, he knew what I meant and he also knows that I am in fact, a biker. He messaged me and we talked and he let me know a lot about the rabbit hole I was about to jump into. He told me about some groups to join and how to get my hands on one from Billet Box Vapor. He also warned me how much money I could spend if I did jump in. He wasn’t wrong! He was also the one that taught me how to score a Billet Box in the drop and I was able to score one in the 1st drop I tried on and almost every drop I have attempted to score in since.
  • Aych Bee Corps AKA HBcorpse of ECF fame. This guy… what can I say. HB is a veteran Billet Box guy and when I was looking for some people to help verify some of the “History” of the Billet Box, Courtney Mathers suggested that I talk to him. Since then, HB has been a valuable resource for Billet Box Info and has become one of my best friends. He was supposed to write content for the site, but he keeps forgetting. Either way, I run almost everything by him before doing it. Well, most of the time I ignore his suggestions, but it’s all good. In fact, HB and Monarch Andrzek both advised me that this site was going to ruffle feathers and not be welcome by veteran Billet Box guys/gals. They were right in some ways, but the amount of new owners that this site has helped overcomes the negatives.
  • There were other people that befriended me to help me along the way too. I was fortunate enough to get some personal help from some great Billet Box veterans like Jeremy Lane Green, Jenn Schiavo, Kris Milic, Melissa Grube, Courtney Mathers, and more. If not for these people, I might not have fallen into the Rabbit Hole so deep.
  • Billet Box USA – When I first got into Billet Box, there was info all around but it wasn’t easily found. The Facebook groups were great in getting help and groups like Billet Box USA were welcoming for newcomers. Billet Box USA Billet Box Bay (Boro Box Bay) was the most helpful of all the groups on Facebook by far.
  • Vape Haven, now known as Need’d Stuffz was a big part of my early days too. Greg Packech is the plug. I was able to score my very 1st Mission switch from Vape Haven by chance. I just happened to come across his page as I was looking for info and he had a package up and I later found out that I was very lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Thanks Greg.
  • All the modders, panel makers, bridge makers, and other accessory companies that make the Rabbit Hole an actual thing. If it weren’t for accessories, the Billet Box wouldn’t be as appealing as it is to so many. Don’t get me wrong, the Billet Box is bad ass already, but y’all make it more customizable!

There are more that I am sure I have missed, but these are the folks that helped out making me the Billet Box person I am today and helped shape this website.

What does the future hold for Billet Box Info?

I am not sure but stay tuned! It has been suggested that I turn this site into, which I own the domain for, but it’s not gonna happen… at least not anytime soon.

Thanks to everyone that has been a part of this, from the random person that finds the site via Google, to those that make it happen!

I am so happy to see that I was able to keep it going for a year, especially since I almost gave up on it 6 months ago. I am glad I came back and continued the website. Hopefully, I can find the time and energy to finish up the things I want to get to.

Don’t forget the Birthday Contest!

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