What is Billet Box Info?

BilletBox.info is a fan site for the Billet Box Mod, a resource directory, and a catalog of accessories available for the Billet Box.

Welcome to Billet Box Info! Bookmark the site and come back to see how it progresses. I still have a lot to learn but I plan on sharing what I learn to make it easier for those that come in behind me. Billet Boxes are increasing in popularity every day and new owners, like me, are going to have questions. I hope to be able to help with those questions!

  • A blog with Billet Box news and my own personal adventures as well as those of some of my friends.
  • A Link directory to all the best sites/groups to buy/sell/trade accessories and learn more about Billet Boxes as well as retailers selling Billet Box accessories.
  • A database of some of the most common accessories complete with video reviews from some of the best YouTubers embedded into the listings.
  • As time goes on, I will add more features like the Billet Box History and FAQ pages.

I have more planned as well, but for now, I want to concentrate on fleshing these resources out. Thanks for checking out Billetbox.info!

Billet Box Guide

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole that is the Billet Box World!

Welcome to Billet Box Info

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BilletBox.Info Future?!

Hello Billet Box Fans! Let me start out by saying that the BilletBox.Info future is not in jeopardy. If you have been a fan of the site, you might have noticed that the 4-10 posts I was putting up each week came to a halt a little over a month ago. I humbly apologize for…

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Latest Additions to the Billet Box Database

Dead FlipperYOTD

Custom Billet Box

Custom Billet Box Models

I have covered other models in the FAQs and in individual blog posts, but I feel like I should showcase some of the important special edition Billet Boxes that Billet Box Vapor has released here as well. I am only focusing on the Rev 4 models.

The 3 special Billet Boxes showcased here are the Dead Flippers, Woof Box (YOTD), and the Barb Box (Barbara Walters 2020).


Hellfire Exocet V2Hellfire Exocet V2

Hellfire Exocet V2

EXOCET V2, the much-awaited successor to the EXO, it’s been a while coming but we think it’s well worth the wait.

With a more spacious oval deck allowing bigger builds at the same time having a lower chamber to keep that nice dense flavor.

Lowered deck for better wicking and separate air tubes so that you can build to suit your own preferences.

The EXOCET V2 will come as standard with 3 x air tubes, 1mm, 2mm, and 3.3mm, there will also be alternative air tubes available as extra’s and an MTL crank and air tube kit that can adjust from 1 x .8mm to 3 x .8mm that can be purchased separately.

All in all, we think a great improvement of choices from the OG Exocet

Materials: 304 Stainless steel

Made to fit the standard Boro and compatible with other devices than the Billet box that takes the standard boro.

When available, the Exocet V2 can be purchased on the Hellfire website.

EVL Alien

EVL Alien

The EVL Alien is a pre-production All-in-One Boro/Bridge combo similar to the VapeSnail. It has not yet been released. We will update this entry as more information is available.

Heir RBAHeir RBA


The Heir is rebuildable atomizer for Billet Box Boro, it is a bridge made by Ground Kloud Innovation in the Philippines. Its single coil deck with clamps is very easy to use. The Heir has a 510 pin facilitating the mounting of the coils. The airflow adjustment is located at the pin using a rotating ring but also with the installation of inserts provided.

Rainy Panels

Rainy Panels by Garrett DeGregory have a sweet, unique logo that looks awesome on a Billet Box, especially with a color contrast underneath. These panels are well made and come in a wide variety of colors and come in round and Mission Switch cuts. Right now, you can get these panels in their Facebook group through frequent quick strikes.

Website: No
Facebook Group: Rainy Panels
Products: Panels

Billet Box Info

RJ Mod

A modder from Korea that makes mods, but also creates very limited runs of high end, aluminum Billet Box panels with deep-engraved designs. They typically make a limited run of 10 of each design. They are not cheap, but they are breathtaking. The guy running the show lives in the US, but these are made in Korea. You can purchase the panels in their Facebook group via quick strikes, auctions, and randoms drawings.

Website: No
Facebook Group: RJ Mod
Products: Panels, Mods


Friendly Flipper

These panels are all over in screenshots and are probably the most recognized and most flipped panels out there. There is always a set of their panels for sale in the various B/S/T groups. From what I can tell, they are only for sale on their website, but since I have been into Billet Box, their stock hasn’t been updated. They have a Facebook group too, but I have not been approved to view, so I am not sure what happens in there.

Website: Friendly Flipper
Facebook Group: Friendly Flipper
Products: Panels, Inners, Boros, buttons, tips, and a reseller for Delro, Noct, etc