BilletBox.Info Turns 2

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years now.

The website has basically made way for the more “used” outlets over the past year. The Facebook Page became the main “blog” instead of here since well, a large portion of the Billet Box community is there already. The blog here was pretty much abandoned. The website continued to be the main source of Billet Box info with the Billet Box History and FAQ. The Billet Box Model Database and Bridge list / Database continue to be updated often.

Last year, when the site turned 1, I made this post and had some goals for the 2nd year.

  • FAILED — Start posting more here. I started posting more on the Facebook page because more people interact with posts on Facebook and it’s quicker and easier to get it done. Most of what I post on Facebook isn’t worthy of a blog post here anyhow, but I need to do better at providing better content on this actual site.
  • COMPLETED — Add a search to the main page. While I have been searching for info today to share in this post, I noticed that I never put a search bar on the main page. There is a search bar all over the site, just not on the main page. What kind of webmaster leaves a site like that? Me!
  • COMPLETEDRBA List Update.
  • FAILED — Finish writing all the drafts that I started and never finished like the “Can you afford the Rabbit Hole” post I started last June.
  • Update and finish the Panel Maker database that I abandoned.
  • COMPLETED — Be more active on Instagram and YouTube. The YouTube part is hard though because I am not buying every single thing that gets released anymore. PS. Follow and subscribe to me on those channels too. Thanks. 🙂

The growth in the 2nd year was huge.

  • Facebook Page – 2,655 likes and 3,044 followers.
  • Facebook Group (Recently Created) – 735 members.
  • YouTube – 2.75K subscribers. This doesn’t seem like much compared to other channels I’ve had in the past, but for a channel about a single vape device, I am impressed.
  • Instagram – 2,669 followers. Not too bad for a platform I really never really used before.

THANKS!!! I want to thank the following:

  • ALL of YOU that read and watch the content I create. It wouldn’t really be worth doing it if there weren’t people that appreciated what I do here. I am humbled to know that this website and the other channels make a difference!
  • Billet Box Vapor – Without them, I would have never made this website. I thank them for the support too! I have helped them with some projects and they have given me a couple of really cool gifts. Thank you very much.
  • I want to thank people that helped get me into the Rabbit Hole as well. I was fortunate enough to get some personal help from some great Billet Box veterans like Monarch Andrzej, Jeremy Lane Green, Jenn Schiavo, Kris Milic, Melissa Grube, and more. Also thanks to Courtney Mathers for putting me in touch with HB Corpse early on. HB was a big help validating my research early on and continues to help some behind the scenes. We might see him do more soon.
  • I want to thank the friends I made in this community as well. There are too many to name, but you know who you are… from modders to other rabbits. 🙂
  • Thank you to all the vendors as well! Y’all all give me something to report on. I appreciate the companies that have done collaborations with me as well, Billet Box Vapor, ODB, Harpy, Need’d Stuffz, Wick’d, and even Susco. There might be more to come!

Thanks again to everyone!

What does the future hold for Billet Box Info?

I have no idea, but I am going to try to keep doing what I am doing. I will say that last year on this date, I registered and I didn’t do anything with it. Well, 4 days ago, I decided to go ahead with the project. For now, it’s just going to be a database of Boro Devices.

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