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Skynet RBA

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Skynet RBA

The Skynet RBA is the 1st RBA from ESMOKEGURU, makers of the Skyline and Skyfall. 

The Skynet RBA is 100% made in Athens Greece like all their other products.

The Skynet is a collector item with very limited production numbers for our customers who want to have something unique and special for their display. It is made from 316L stainless steel and it comes in show display made from one solid piece of acrylic. You cannot use it for vaping if you don’t have separate equipment like electronic mods, batteries, tanks etc We cannot provide you such devices. The Skynet is made 100% in Athens Greece and it is hand polished.

Our goal was to make an RBA for Boro devices that is very easy to set up and operate. You can switch the Airpins really on the fly because the positive post is secured inside the deck together with the insulator and it will not go out of position when you change your air pins. We used threads on the bell so you will not have the problem that it can separate inside the tank.

Pricing and Availability

The Skynet RBA is available via randomizer, which is a fair randomizer*, and then the winners are sent to purchase on their website. The price is $169 Euro with a 2mm Airpin installed. You can then buy a set of MTL or RDL pins for $39 Euro to adjust your desired airflow.

* Every new list is only for non-owners only.

Note: According to the modder, after a few lists, the RBA will be able to be purchased directly in the online store as they are available. There will be limited quantities just like the Skyline (1900 pieces total over 5 years) and Skyfall (1600 pieces total over 5 years). Their products require a lot of time and effort to have the quality they strive for.

SKYNET RDL Airpins Set includes:

  • 1x Airpin 2.5 mm
  • 1x Airpin 3.0 mm
  • 1x Airpin 3.5 mm

The SKYNET MTL Airpins Set includes:

  • 1x Airpin 1.0 mm
  • 1x Airpin 1.2 mm
  • 1x Airpin 1.5 mm

The Airpins are made from high-quality food grade Stainless Steel 316L (1.4404) in a 5-axis CNC machine and fits perfectly in the Skynet.

All stainless steel parts are made from high-quality food grade Stainless Steel 316L (1.4404) The 2 insulators are made from Ketron Peek Quadrant Food grade.

The Skynet is made almost 90% in 5 Axis machines and in different phases. Very complex and high-precision machining to accomplish the design and functions. Every stainless steel part is hand polished.

The presentation Box was also made in the CNC shop and we needed a lot of time and effort to make something special. It is made from Plexiglas from one solid piece. After cutting it and drilling the chamber inside the Plexiglass housing we have to polish everything. We made a separate base from PC1000 with threads and 510 in the middle to screw on the Skynet. And of course finally with Laser our Logo on it.

What you get:

  • Skynet RBA

Specification: Skynet RBA


$169 Euro

Style (AIO/Standalone)

Stand Alone RBA

Vape Style



Replaceable Pins


Stainless Steel

Videos: Skynet RBA

Photos: Skynet RBA

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  1. Anthony Soeleiman

    The ESG SkyNet is a high End highly sought after RBA , it is one of the best if not the best RBA out there in term of the build quality and flavor (if you know the trick to build it) this RBA preformed best when you build it with a 3mm coil and raised it half way passing the post , there’s 2 flavor profile in this RBA , the frist one is when you build it close to the air hole , when you do this the notch of the flavor will be reversed (because of the single sided deck , but if you build it close to the chimney, it will have a normal flavor notch while performing with a satisfying vapor and flavor performance and don’t get me started with the airflow , it’s so smooth it feel’s like you’re puffing from a straw ,definitely a collectors item

    + PROS: Excellent, build quality Excellent airflow and lots of airpins to choose from (true mtl , rdl pack ,mtl pack) Outstanding flavor performance One of the smoothest air flow for an rba No adapter needed when building
    - CONS: Not the easiest RBA to build Can be a bit pricey when you option all of the accessories Only available in stainless steel One of the most expensive RBA out there Crazy flipper price (up to 450 USD + shipping)
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  2. Nico

    Best RBA in my collection.
    This is the standard for how this bridge has to be made.
    ESG has again one of the best products made.outstanding flavor, easy to build. Not overpriced if you can get one from ESG. Really outstanding machining.

    + PROS: PROS: real top Notch build quality, beautiful presentation, awesome flavor, easy to build. Love the deck.
    - CONS: CONS: Hard to get, price is original 169 euro (not to expensive). I know prices are a difficult issue. From flippers crazy prices. You have to buy trough FB group listing. The DlC limited edition is very expensive. It should have to come with all airpines.
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