Billet Box History

December 8th, 2012
Rev 1 Release

The Billet Box Prototype was Introduced on December 8th, 2012. You can read more and follow along in this ECF thread by Doug Dino himself.

After a year of designing, prototyping and testing, I am happy to finally lift the curtain on my latest E-vaporizer. Introducing (gasps of excitement and giddiness) the Billet Box.

February 2013
Rev 1.1 Release
Rev.1.1 was the Production Model that was introduced in February 2013. Details:
    • Raw Polished Aluminum Body
    •  Delrin Button
    • Spring Loaded Ground-Activated Switch
    • Sliding Aluminum Tank Panel w/ Spring Loaded Bearing Closure
    • Front & Back Laminated Carbon Fiber Applique
    • 6.5ml PETG-Faced Tank w/ Spring Loaded Valve
    • Accepts 510 35mm Cartos
    • Accepts 510 Drip Tips
    • 2x 16340 3.7v Batteries (Wired in Series)
    • Potentiometer Analog Variable Voltage (4 – 5.5v)\
    • RRP $179
June 2013
Rev 2 Release
Rev 2 was introduced in June 2013 and was produced with new Haus CNC Machine (dubbed “Ruby”) and the 6.5ml Delrin-Faced Tank Introduced.
September 2013
Rev 3 Release

The Billet Box Rev 3 was Introduced in September 2013. Upgraded Transistor-Activated Switch Media-Blasted Aluminum Body

May 2014
Rev 3a Release

In May 2014, the Billet Box Rev 3a was introduced.

After months of testing and re-tooling, our first production anodized run was a success, Rev 3.a has a bead blasted, bright dipped anodized surface with a few advantages to our prior raw polished aluminum BB.

June 2014
Anodized Colors

June 2014, colors were announced, starting with orange.

Between our clear anodized batches we are going to start doing runs of Bright Dip Colored Billet Boxes!!!

As far as I can tell, this is the order that colors were launched: Clear – original Kurbis (Orange) – Jun 14, 2014 Rat (Black) – Jul 5, 2014 RPG (Royal Purple Grey) – Jul 19, 2014 Fawkes (Red) – Aug 1, 2014 Unicorn Poo (Purple/Pink) – Sep 5, 2014 RNB (Royal Navy Blue) & TMNBB (Green) Released Same day – Sep 13, 2014 I was not able to confirm when DoberNugget, or BX was released.

New Buttons

At some point after the release of the 3a Billet Box, I am not sure if it was before or after the new colors, and buttons in different materials started to be sold. For more info about different button configurations, abalone, and mother of pearl, check out our FAQ section.

November 2014
Atmistique Partnership

In November 2014, a Billet Box and Atmistique Partnership was announced, allowing the Billet Box users to use Aspire BVC coils.

This partnership will see them stocking the BilletBox in Europe, and us stocking the Billet Bridge here in the USA.

November 2014
The Boro Tank

The 1st “Boro Tank” was launched in November 2014.

The BoroTank has a machined borosilicate glass face that slides down so you can just dump your juice in.

Rev 4 Era

This is the beginning of the redesigned Billet Box that we still enjoy today!

March 2016
Rev 4a Released

In March of 2016, Billet Box Vapor announced the redesign from the Rev 3 Billet Box to the Rev 4a.

After months of prototyping, months testing, followed by months of retooling, the Billet Box Rev.4 is about ready to go and play in the wild.

This update changed the doors from the sliding door to the magnetic doors, made from G10 and most importantly, introduced the DNA chip to the Billet Box, starting with the DNA 40. The small batteries were replaced with a single 18650 and the Boro tank was redesigned.

Rev 4a 25

When the Billet Box Rev4a was announced, Billet Box Vapor announced that they would sell a DNA 40 and DNA 25 model at different price points. They did not offer the DNA 25 initially but did have a few runs available before they decided to stick with the DNA 40 and eventually went to the DNA 40 Big Screen.

We will offer the Rev.4 primarily with the DNA 40 but will also have model with the 25 for those that need to watch there spending. Both will support temp sensing coils. The 25 model won’t be out for launch but will come about a month later.

July 2016
Rev 4b 40 Big Screen

In July 2016, Rev 4b with the DNA 40 Big Screen was announced by Billet Box Vapor.

February 2017
Rev 4B~60 DNA 60

In July 2016, Rev 4b with the DNA 40 Big Screen was announced by Billet Box Vapor.

February 16, 2018
Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog 4716
Woof Box

February 16, 2018 – Billet Box Vapor announced the Year of the Dog special edition Billet Box. According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2018 is the Year of the Dog. This version was made to commemorate the Chinese New Year for 2018. These versions are cherished by those that get their hands on one. From what I have gathered, these were made available in Fawkes, Rat, Unicorn Poo, Clear, TMNBB, Dober, RPG, and BX. More Info 

February 17, 2018
2018 – A Box for the Box

February 17, 2018 – An all-new box was created for the Billet Box. If you want to see how the boxes are printed, check out the Burninator in action in this post.

February 18, 2018
New Logo and Engraving

February 18, 2018 – Logo Change and new engraving. BBV started adding the new logo and year on the body of the Billet Box, on the button side, instead of engraving it on the G10 panels.

January 6th, 2020
Barbara 20/20 Billet Box
Barbara Walters 2020 Billet Box

On January 6th, Special Edition Barbara Walters 20/20 Billet Boxes were announced and photos of all 4 colors were revealed on January 8th, 2020. They were made available on January 9th, 2020. They were offered in Fawkes (Red), Clear (Silver), RNB (Royal Navy Blue, and Rat (black) with Abalone buttons, and there were 5 of each color. They were hand-numbered to 20. Based on photos I’ve found, Clear has serial numbers 1-5 or 20,  Fawkes 6-10 of 20, RNB 11-15 of 20, and Rat 16-20 of 20. More Info

March 21st, 2020
New Wiring for Button

March 21st, 2020, Billet Box Vapor announced a new wiring change. If you want to know way more than you will ever want to know about how these are made, head over to the announcement post.

March 28, 2020
Fisheye Ultem Button
ultem button

March 28, 2020 – The Fisheye Ultem Button is born.

September 4th, 2020

On September 4th, 2020, BBV announced a new variation called the Frankenbox. These are regular Billets with different inner colors. The 1st week was a BX with Unicorn Poo inners and vice versa. Other than the different inners, there is no difference, no markings on the Billet Box itself, but the box had a special name. Here are the names:

    • BXPoo – BX with Unicorn Inners
    • UniBlues – Unicorn Poo with BX Inners
    • Budgie – TMNBB with Nugget Inners and a GOLD MOP Button like the Fashion Nugget
    • Oasis – Nugget with TMNBB Inners and a GOLD MOP Button like the Fashion Nugget
    • Dobis – Dober with Kurbis Inners
    • Kurber – Kurbis with Dober Inners
    • Mephisto – Fawkes with Rat black inners
    • Ratfire – Rat with Fawkes inners
    • Eclipse – RPG with Dober inners and a new button type, a BLACK MOP.
    • Ferrigno – TMNBB with Unicorn Poo Innners

I can’t tell you why, but the reason Billet Box Vapor gave publicly is “Just cause it’s fun”.

Update: The reason for these was to use up anodized bodies and inners that were able to be used before shifting to Cerakote because they were getting too many unusable boxes from their anodizer.

More Info

November 6th, 2020
The End of Anodizing
The end of anodizing of Billet Boxes was announced on their Facebook page on November 6th, 2020. There is no public word on what will happen next, but my guess is turning to Cerakoting instead. When something official is announced, I will update this timeline.
December 31st, 2020
Dumpster Fire (RIP 2020)

On 12/31/2020, Billet Box Vapor is set to release a limited run of their Billet Box with their new Cerakote finishes, complete with an image to replace the 2020 year on the Billet, a Dumpster Fire.

Billet Box Vapor will no longer offer Billet Boxes with anodizing. They moved to Cerakoting and they have brought the process in-house.

The 1st 2 colors they are releasing will be White and Chameleon. More Info

December 31st, 2020
Rev 4C-60 Release
Billet Box Rev 4C-60

It’s Official, on 12/31/2020, the Rev 4C-60 was 1st sold.

Billet Box Vapor Dropped 2 new colors in their new Cerakote finishes, Blanca and Chameleon.

January 23rd, 2021
Nord Adapter Replaces OCC Adapter
Nord Adapter

The Billet Box Vapor Nord Adapter started to ship with new Billet Box models instead of the OCC adapter on 1/23/2021.

January 30, 2021
RPM Adapter
RPM Adapter

On 1/30/2021, Billet Box Vapor started to sell their own adapter for the SMOK RPM coils, the RPM Adapter.

January 22, 2022
Slight Front Logo Change

On 01/22/22, the 1st 2022 Billet Box models rolled out. This was the 1st drop since 12/19/21 due to holidays, being short-staffed, and dealing with a run of Covid through the staff.

The 2022 models came with a new engraving, Billet Box Vapor ditched “Vapor” below the Billet Box engraving and it was replaced with Rev 4C, the current version number. This move was met widely with disapproval, but everyone will have to learn to deal with it. The word vapor is being removed from the Billet Box slowly but surely.

This 1st drop of 2022 introduced the Betty White, the Star-Spangled, and Pew Pew models.

January 22, 2022
Betty White

On 01/22/22 a Special Edition Betty White Billet Box was released. The release was a bit controversial as those that were refreshing the Billet Box website 30+ minutes before the drop were rewarded with an unannounced special drop. The Betty White boxes hit the site just before 9 am CST (The normal drop was at 9:30 CST). The Betty White box cost was $349 and there were only 22 hand-numbered units sold. They were all Lab Rat white. More Info

March 8th, 2022
Hey Boat, Go Fuck Yourself (Ukraine Billet Box)

On March 8th, 2022 a Special Edition Billet Box in support of Ukraine was sold in a special drop. These sold for $399.00 and the profit from these sales went to The Voices of Children Foundation to help children of war in Ukraine.

This box speaks for itself…

Beware, though! It comes with a little hoodoo voodoo: Anyone who decides to flip it will feel Karma kick him in the rear end to the fullest extent.

More Info

January 23, 2023
Year of the Rabbit

The Chinese rip our shiz off all the time, so every once and a while we like to rip off some of their shiz…. Particularly, the little wiggles they call “word letter scribbly thing’y’z”…. In all honesty I have no idea what the crap this says,,,, I just walked around a Target and jotted down whatever I saw tattooed on any exposed lower backs that happened to be on display… but on a serious note,,,, super jealous they get animal years instead of just some stupid numbers…. and year of the bunny sounds pretty good…. Really sets the tone for ummm.. eating carrots…… and,,, errr…. uncontrollable humping….. YAYY!!!!

More Info

June 17th, 2023
Sub Label
G10 Panel Sales

Billet Box finally started to sell colored G10 panels individually. This was a long time coming and with urging of the customers and ME, they finally started to sell them. 

*Most of the dead links on this page are a result of some of the blog posts on BBV’s website being removed by the owners.

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