What is new in the RBA World?

What is new in the RBA World? Simple Answer? A TON!


Now that I am getting around to looking around at the plethora of new RBAs that have hit the market while I was away and sick, I am starting to get the wants. I am quite happy with the vape I get from all the RBAs that I own, including the BriJG “bridge”, but there are some out there that look great. I have updated the list page and will be adding the ones I have info on to the database.

Currently, my rotation is the Bridg’d (mostly my V2s), the Orbit, and the BriJG… mixing in the Qbix and Mobb as well. I need to get another Mobb Mini one day though.

What are we still waiting on?

  • Voltrove RBA – Dominick Ball says soonish… beginning of the year?.

What is new?

  • Voodool Chucky – This one popped up out of nowhere. Courtney ‘K’ Mather is testing one out ATM
  • Rammod Ovis RBA – I know very little about this one
  • Atom RBA – I want to get my hands on this one eventually. Will have to wait until my money is right in a few months
  • Vessel – This is the Tony Brittan one and I am looking forward to giving this affordable option a try
  • Dope RBA By VWM – I MUST RESIST… but I want one now
  • AMBB from Armor Mods – This is another that I really want NOW, but again, I have to wait a bit
  • MC2 Rubik – Looking for more info
  • 520 Tank RBA – All in One from Cthulhu MOD
  • Molen Bridge – RBA by Ambition Mods
  • HAMMER RBA – Coming soon from PSYCHOMOD

I am sure I am missing something else too, but good lord, there is a lot of new new out there.

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  1. There is also the new 415 mods rba. It will be released at the end of this month.

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