Where’s Chris?

Simple Answer: I am Here and there… pretty much.

I have chosen to step back from my involvement in the online vape community for the most part (again, I know).

Here are my plans moving forward:

  • Billet Box Info Group – Same as lately.
  • Website (here) – I will continue to keep the database updated.
  • Billet Box Info Facebook Page – I stopped posting here almost 2 months ago.
  • Instagram – I stopped posting here almost 2 months ago.
  • YouTube – I am done making videos for the most part. I might do some Billet Box tutorials or show new colors, but the videos of accessories or other Boro devices are over.
  • Other Facebook groups are mostly done. I am limiting my presence to just this group for the most part, but I am still in a couple of friends’ groups.

I am not even posting on my timeline on Facebook now. I also changed my name to BilletBoxInfo Chris if you see me around on there.

As I mentioned, I still plan to keep the database updated with new products for the Billet Box, but I won’t be buying much and definitely won’t be checking things out for YouTube anymore.

I hope the site can still be beneficial to some of you! There is still great info for those getting into Billet Box. Thanks!

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  1. Thank You for all your hard work ! I have been vaping since 2015 and just recently got into the Boro style. Got my first Billet box on my second try. It is the Sewer Goop with green G10 panels and black button. I have watched your videos and love the way you keep all mishaps in place. Noticed your update on Instagram today so thought I should at least take a minute to thank you for your help and hard work producing videos. Glad you are still going to be dedicated to maintaining your website.
    I just turned 65 today , so this is not some random kid !!
    Take Care.

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