Black VapeSnail Available Tomorrow!

Last month, Atmizoo sent me a Gold VapeSnail and some colored VapeSnail tanks, and yesterday, I got the Black VapeSnail. It looks awesome and the good news is that it will be available publicly to purchase on August 5th, tomorrow. They let people in the Facebook Group order early, but now everyone can order direct from their website tomorrow for €143.84.

For those wondering, here’s the info on the black finish of the VapeSnail.

SS316 or SS316 core electroplated metal parts, colored in a chromatic black mixture from dark blue – black, purple and other dark color shades. Plated are the outer surfaces of the chimney and the negative post (deck) while the rest of its parts  have natural CNC looks.

The Gold VapeSnail was released last month and looks great as well! I had a chance to check out the different color combos available with the different tank sections available with the Gold VapeSnail too. The other tank colors are available for €12.40 each.

The VapeSnail is a great All-in-One RBA for the Billet Box and while it’s been around for quite some time, it’s still a top performer in my book. I have it listed as my 5th favorite on my list of favorites, but the difference between the top RBAs isn’t that different, mainly the ease of building, looks, and a few other things being the only difference. The Qbix, also designed by Atmizoo, has jumped up on my list because of its price and ease of use while still being a flavor banger.

My 1st time using the VapeSnail, I wasn’t a fan, but this was early when it was new. There was an issue with gaskets. That problem is way behind us and I am enjoying the VapeSnail once again. I am lucky to have most of the RBAs on the market to use, but not everyone is that fortunate. This RBA is still a great one to have, that is all.

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