So Many New RBAs, So Many Videos!

I just wanted to make a quick post to let those of you that don’t follow Billet Box Info know that about all the new Billet Box RBA videos that I have put up on YouTube.

A few weeks ago, I updated the Billet Box Bridge page with all the new RBAs that have surfaced for the Billet Box Boro. I also created a Billet Box Boro page at the same time since there seems to be more and more after-market Boros. After that, I started gathering info for all these new RBAs for the database. Some of the modders offered me review units and some I purchased, but I got busy checking them out.

💲I paid for these

I have a few more on the way. I purchased the RAMMOD Ovis and it arrived today. I will update this post when I get the video done. I have also purchased a new one that I just found out about, it’s the T-Bridge from Toro Mods. I will be checking out the 520 RBA soon as well. The 520 comes with the Cthula AIO and I have one on the way. I am working on a few others too, including the Hammer RBA.

There are so many options. It’s like the RBA market just exploded and had a bunch of babies. I guess variety is good for the community.

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