What is the Difference between Blanca and Lab Rat?

Billet Box Vapor has released 3 different white variations so far and I keep seeing people ask what is different. Well, the difference in the Jawbreaker is pretty obvious, but what is the difference between Blanca and Lab Rat.

The Blanca has a smooth, non-textured finish. It also seems that the Blanca mix is a tad more pearl or off-white than the Lab Rat. It also looks like the same Cerakote mix that they used on the Lab Rat is what they use on the Jawbreaker. If you look below, you can see a visual difference. As BBV put it, with the Lab Rat, “a base coat as white as Cerakote gets”. It is way brighter of a white than the Blanca.

I will never give up my Dumpster Fire Blanca, but I want to get a Lab Rat someday as I personally believe it’s the best-looking Billet Box so far. I don’t care if the texture is for a better grip or what some people assume, to hide imperfections, it just looks the best to me.

I have had both the Blanca and Jawbreaker in hand, and the difference is obvious.

I have had both the Blanca and Lab Rat in hand, and the difference is also very obvious.

In addition, they all have different logo engravings.

Here are the 3 side by side (Billet Box Vapor’s images)

Random Info:

  • Blanca was 1st released on December 31st, 2020 with the Dumpster fire engraving and then released with 2021 engraving a couple of weeks later.
  • Lab Rat is the Cerakoted albino opposite of our rat black. I bet there will be a red button version of it one day (update: this happened, it was called the Albino Lab Rat). The only thing I wonder about is why they wouldn’t name black Rat Black again instead of SLR Black. I understand the reasoning for the name, SLR Black, but I’d prefer Rat Black.
  • People love white devices. Look at how popular the Blanco and white Mum’s Key are. In fact, the poll I did on the new Cerakote flavors showed an overwhelming win by the Blanca. That was run before Jawbreaker and Lab Rat were released. Perhaps I should run a new poll.

So there’s the difference between Blanca and Lab Rat. Enjoy and good luck getting the one you want!

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  1. That jawbreaker is bad ass looking

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