2/6/2021 BBV Drop – 4 new colors…

Today Billet Box Vapor dropped some new colors! I am not sure if they will become staples to the lineup or if they are one-offs, but either way, there was some fire for sure.


BloodBath, BloodBath & Beyond, and a couple variations with buttons. I love the play on Bed, Bath, and Beyond!!!

Bloodbath – The Billet Box with an in house black Cerakote finish, gently misted with the the blood of our enemies.  Topped off with a red delrin button, this one’s one of a kind… This is the 1st time we’ve seen this new button. They also had the Bloodbath with a SS button on this model. There was another version called BloodBath & Beyond with even more splatter and a black delrin button and the BloodBath & Beyond – B.M.O.P, which is the same, but with a black MOP button.


Kind of like a rat, but with black splatter on black! SLR name to resemble SLR camera finishes.

SLR Black – The Billet Box with a matt black Cerakote finish and black splatter detail. Modeled after a very specific SLR finish. This Box sports a black delrin button. Thre was also a version with a PAUA button.


Well, it’s not really TMNBB color to be honest. It’s more like the chameleon version without the color changing to purple IMO.

TMNBB – Welcome the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Billet Box with an in house Green Cerakote finish. It’s sparklier than before and changes hues depending on how the light hits it. Topped off with a purdy Abalone button. 

Teal and Pink?

Where’s the Billet Box info pink and green Billet Box? Seriously though, this one seems to be the show stopper this week, blacklight enabled colors included.

To The Moon –   The turquoise cerakoted Billet Box with bright pink splatter.  During the day she’s laid back with her Fisheye Ultem button but she totally freaks at night under black light. Honey Mooners reference?

Diamond Hands –  The turquoise Cerakoted Billet Box with bright pink UV reactive splatter and Super Figured Mother of Pearl button.  A box for those holding tight… There is no reference to blacklight enabled cerakote in the listing on this one, but it does have the same photo showing what it looks like under blacklight. We shall see.

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  1. Hey Chris,

    Didn’t realize you made all these new 2021 articles! Great to see..

    I have a big question/concern… What’s going to happen with BB after the mail ban is in full effect.. ?

    Do you know if they are closing, using a different mail carrier, mailing outside the business, or labelling the products otherwise.. ??

    I’m a bit concerned for them, especially when they have all these new products coming along..


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