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As suggested by Russell Highland on Facebook, here’s a “Know your Bridg’d Version” post. I’ve owned 7 Bridg’ds in the past and have 4 currently, but all of mine are version 1.0 and 1.2s. There have been some small changes and all the engravings since the 1.2 are a bit different. I have reached out to some folks and got some help with what is different after version 1.2. I will post this here and then mirror the info on the 3rd Party Accessory page for the Bridg’d.

Before making this post, the Bridg’d page in the database said this, “Update: Since this was the last update, there have been several other versions of pretty much the same RBA, mostly cosmetic and engraving differences. I haven’t followed the versions, so I can’t update this until there is an entirely new version to cover.” Now I am here to update that update for anyone that this might help. Thanks again to Russell for the suggestion.

All versions of the Bridg’d are very similar, with minor changes and engravings.

Bridg’d Versions

* These versions have an example photo below

  • Bridg’d V1
    • * 1.0 Version
    • * 1.0 Friends and Family (XXX Serial Number)
    • Stash Box Collab (came bundled with a collaboration with BMM’s Stash Box)
  • Bridg’d v1.2
    • * 1.2 Version
    • * RJ Mod /5 Version – (Waffled along with matching RJ Mod panels)
    • 1.2 Blem Version (These were one-offs that weren’t up to RJ’s standards, but the people wanted them anyway. They look just like the normal v1.2 just with imperfections, mostly with the engraving)
  • Bridg’d v1.2+
    • * 1.2+ Version
    • * 1.2+ Friends and Family (XXX Serial Number)
    • * NFG Version (No F*CKS Given)
    • * Stash Box Collab Version (came bundled with a collaboration with BMM’s Stash Box)
    • * RJ Mod 1/1 Version
    • * Koala Version
    • * Gold Version
    • * Finale
    • Finale Friends and Family

There were several one-off engravings that Wick’d did for people, I won’t be including all of those. Some examples are a Zelda version they did for a friend of mine, there is one with a wasp on it, and some others too. There were also plans to have a Rabbit version made for me, but they haven’t got to it yet. Soon?

Photo Gallery

I will update this gallery with others I might have missed.

Specifications and Differences in the Bridg’d Releases.

Bridg’D v1.0

The original Bridg’d 1.0 had the Panda only on the chimney/cap (1 piece design). The Panda did not go across the seam between the base and the chimney.

  • 316L Surgical Stainless Steel base material
  • Bright Blasted finish
  • 2 cap/chimney (MTL 1.5mm and DL 4.0mm)
  • 5 airflow inserts
    • 1.0 mm
    • 2.0 mm
    • 2.5 mm
    • 3.0 mm
    • 3.5 mm
  • Bridg’d key
  • 510 adapter tool (Hex socket wrench and 510 nut key)
  • Panda Button
  • Integral tip
  • Spare bag (o-rings and screws)

Bridg’D v1.2

The main differences between the v1.0 and v1.2 was the changes with the 510 adapter, the 2 piece chimney, the drip tip, and the gold plated positive post. The engraving was also changed with a 2 sided design with different Panda graphics.

  • 316L Surgical Stainless Steel base material
  • Bright Blasted finish
  • 3 piece RBA Design threaded and press-fitted
  • Ketron PEEK insulators
  • Cubical shape RBA
  • 2 Chimneys (MTL 1.5mm; RDL/DL
  • Dual-sided Panda Laser Engraved
  • Diagonal Chimney Cutout
  • 2 Post design RBA (positive post 2mm x 1.4mm hole; negative post horizontal wire slot)
  • Gold plated positive post
  • M2 post screws
  • Spacious Build Deck
  • Dual-Sided Juice/wick port
  • Gold Plated airflow insert/positive pin
    • 1.0 mm
    • 2.0 mm
    • 2.5 mm
    • 3.0 mm
    • 3.5 mm
  • Updated knurled RBA 510 building adapter
  • 316L concave Panda engraved button
  • Redesigned 316L DL integral drip tip
  • Bridg’d key/multi-tool (Hex socket wrench and 510 nut key)
  • Spare post screws and o-rings

Bridg’D v1.2+

The main difference between the v1.2 and the v1.2+ is a beefier negative post and the gold plating was removed from the v1.2.

  • 316L surgical stainless steel base material
  • Brush polished finishing
  • 3 piece RBA design threaded and press fitted
  • Ketron PEEK insulators
  • Cubical shape RBA
  • 2 Chimneys MTL and RDL
  • Dual-sided engraving
  • Diagonal chimney cutout
  • 2 post design RBA
  • Thick negative post
  • M2 post screws
  • Spacious building deck area
  • Gold plated airflow positive pin inserts
    • 1.2 mm (The v1.2 had a 1.0 mm pin instead)
    • 2.0 mm
    • 2.5 mm
    • 3.0 mm
    • 3.5 mm
  • Updated knurled RBA 510 adapter tool (Same as v1.2)
  • Concaved BB button
  • Redesigned integral tip (Same as v1.2)
  • Bridg’D key/multi-tool (Same as v1.2)
  • Spares: o-rings/screws

Adapter and Tips

The main items that have changed that come with the Bridg’d between v1.0 and v1.2/1.2+ are the 510 adapters and the tips. The 510 adapter that came with the v1.0 Bridg’d was much more difficult to work with and often times, you had to use the rubber pad that comes with a Bridg’d to get the Bridg’d off of the adapter. The v1.2/1.2+ version is much easier to work with and I have never needed the rubber pad.

The tip with the v1.2/1.2+ is a shorter version than the v1.0. Personally, I prefer the longer tip, but most people I know prefer the newer, shorter version.

Deck and Post Changes

The v1.0 deck was all SS and the posts were the same size. The positive post has a notch in it that could bend easily if you manhandle the screws when tightening. The v1.2 deck was basically the same, but the negative post was gold plated. Apparently, this plating was getting dirty, fading, etc. With the v1.2+, they changed that negative post back to SS and beefed up the size of the positive post to make it less likely to bend.


The packaging is very similar for all models except for the Finale edition. The 1.0 and 1.2 came in a black round plastic container. The 1.2+ came in a translucent round container and the Finale came in a black pouch.

Bridg'd Packaging

I want to thank Tony Luu, Salty Juls (Westbound Clouds), Raedyn Phillips, Dan Jakroyd, RJ De Jesus, and others for helping me piece together this “Know your Bridg’d Version” post. I was pretty lost on models beyond the v1.2. Tony Luu owns several Bridg’d version and many of the photos are his. Thanks again, guys.

If I have made any errors or omitted anything important, let me know. I have run this by Wick’d and was told, “Everything seems to be accurate sir!”.

For more information, join the Wick’d Facebook group.

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  1. I love how you included who helped you! Its funny because those are the only people with the fancy bridgd or 1:1s. To anyone wishing for one: dont even bother. Unless you’re an admin ir get real lucky, you’ll never get one. Demand is too high and they want their shit to be exclsuve. Ive personally been looking for one for months.

    • Look around, they are easy to find. I had 7 of them, but I only purchased 1 from Wick’d. The rest were purchased 2nd hand. Don’t give up. There are plenty out there. The exclusive ones, maybe not, but the regular versions vape the same.

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