Mission XV Orbit Revealed

The Mission XV Orbit was revealed today on a live stream in the Mission XV Group. Many of the questions about this All-in-One RBA were answered today.

Live Stream Notes

The 1st 10 minutes of the live stream was a premade promo video and the rest was a live Q&A with the Mission Team.

  • Orbit Launched (Announced and previewed on 6/29/2021)
  • Fully customized Airflow Promised
  • No price mentioned. My guess is more than the DotMission (DotAIO RBA). No word either on where it is being manufactured.
  • Inspiration to take all lessons learned with all previous devices they have previously launched.
  • The process to get to the Mission XV Orbit took over 9 months, 6 prototype revisions, etc.
  • Build Deck looks great, flat head screws and posts are staggered.
  • Wire Trap leads with flat head screws, huge juice well.
  • Mission didn’t want to use plastic airflow rings, creating turbulence. They don’t want to have to use airflow pins for specific airflow settings. The airflow on the Orbit will be adjustable from ZERO to 4.5mm.
  • Orbit’s airflow is adjusted using a plunger system that is adjusted at the bottom of the RBA. This can’t be adjusted on the fly, but can be adjusted easily without having to disassemble the RBA. There is a spring-loaded system to lock your airflow setting.
  • The prototype Orbit was shown during the Q&A
  • The prototype Mission XV Orbit in the Q&A had a frosted tank but will come with a clear tank made of PGTC, which shouldn’t have issues with harsh juices.
  • The airflow adjustment was demonstrated as well as taking the Orbit apart.
  • The Orbit will require and include a 510 adapter to build on it.
  • A question was asked if the Orbit will come with color options, tanks, orings, etc. Initially, no. Possible in the future.
  • The Orbit will not be a limited product. There should have many as needed over time.
  • An Allen Key will come with the Orbit to adjust airflow.
  • Orbit should work with all the Boro Devices on the marker. There is airflow on the front and side for different style devices.
  • Eliquid Capacity is 4.5ml or more.
  • Wicking is on both the bottom and side, similar to the BP Mods Pioneer Insider.
  • Release in 3 weeks. Approximately July 20th, 2021.
  • 1st couple releases in the Mission group, then wholesalers.
  • Mission XV will post more photos in the next few weeks.

Here are some screenshots of the Mission XV Orbit from the live stream:

These are renders from the presentation but are expected to be reflective of the final product. In the Q&A session, they had the actual prototype in hand if you want to watch it.

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