A Different Breed of Boro Tank??

A photo rendering of an all-in-one Boro tank showed up on Facebook that looks like an RDTA. It reminds us of the Boxxer. I reached out to get more information and while there’s not a lot to know yet, here’s what I was told.

The company will go by the name SknkWorx and this product is in development and does not have a name yet. The tank will be the same size as a standard Billet Box Boro and it is indeed an RTDA style tank. The airflow will be under the coil via the side airflow intake plug. Yes, the airflow will come in where you see it on the front, above the tank. With that said, you will have to have panels to accommodate that. Some won’t be happy to hear this, but the product will be sold with 1 or 2 sets of doors that work with airflow cutouts to get you started. There will also be adapters available for other Boro mods.

By removing the airflow from the bottom we have opened up space not usually available and simultaneously eliminate possible leaking. A solution that improves both form and function. Condensation will be greatly reduced if not eliminated from inside the box.

We are currently experimenting with different top caps, reducers, and tank materials. However, we will most certainly release a more Direct Lung style to start with. The deck size is perfect for bigger builds. We are also messing around with SS wicks as well.

With the airflow coming in from the front, I am wondering what the chimney in the tank section is for. I assume it’s providing a path to the positive on the Billet Box, but is there more than that going on?

I like to hear DL focus initially. There’s not a lot of information yet, but I hope to keep you guys up to date as new info does come in. I am excited to see something a little different pop up. Stay tuned!

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