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Friday nights, my routine consists of refreshing Billet Box Vapor’s Facebook page waiting for their color announcement. I typically share their announcement on the Billet Box Info Facebook page:

After that, I spend the rest of the night fielding questions asking me to help them “Score a Billet Box”. I normally ask them if they have read the “How do you get a new Billet Box” section of the FAQ page. That section has a link to a post from Drew Holko that gives tips on how to set up for a win on Saturday. Tonight I decided to take it a step further and visually show the steps to checking out FAST. The way I do it takes 12-15 seconds on my desktop. I have never tried on a phone and never will. I can’t give any tips for how to Score a Billet Box on the photo or any other methods.

Let’s jump right in to it…

General Info About the Drops

Drops/Releases are Saturday mornings:

  • 7:30am PST
  • 8:30am MST
  • 9:30am CST
  • 10:30am EST
  • 3:30pm UTC

Visit their website and be quick. These things sell faster than you can imagine! Usually, drops are sold out within 5min…but don’t be discouraged! Even seasoned collectors routinely strike out.

You can typically see the colors available on the site, prior to when the drop becomes available…but this is not always foolproof!

Billet Box Vapor Inc. announces their colors, almost religiously, (the Friday before the drop) via their Facebook page so you can get ready the next morning!

Keep in mind:

  • Not all colors/button combos drop in each batch
  • Accessories are launched similarly

Video of Drop

If you want to watch the video, check out this one on Facebook.

Before we get started

Ideally, it helps to have made a purchase before. That way you’ve got all the information that you need to coast right through the check out with ease already in their system. It may even be worth buying a cheap accessory during the week to get set up. You want your account to have your BILLING and SHIPPING address already in place. It’s a lot faster to check out if your Billing and Shipping address is the same as it eliminates one step in the process of checking out. YOUR BILLING ADDRESS MUST MATCH YOUR CREDIT CARD OR IT WILL LIKELY DECLINE. If your card gets declined, you almost certainly fail that week. There’s no time for mess-ups.

Make sure you are logged in.

Make sure you are logged in to their website before the drop. In addition to being logged in, this method only really works if you are already logged in and if you’ve purchased before.

Find the Billet Box that you want to score!

The next step after logging on is to find what you want to buy. In the screenshot above, you can see where the add to cart button is. That is where you want your mouse to be hovering near as you’re hitting F5 prior to the drop starting time. If you can refresh (F5) and keep near the “Add to Cart” button, that will cut out the time to get started in the check out. As soon as the drop is live and the “Add to Cart” button is there, press it and the following will pop up.

Check Out (FAST)

When you hit the “Add to Cart” button, it will take you to the screen above (note that the example has the RPM bridge rather than a Billet). On this screen, hurry up and hit “Proceed to Checkout”.

Here’s where it helps to have your billing and shipping address the same to avoid another step, albeit short. If your addresses are already in their system, the addresses are in a drop menu and you’re ready to hit “Bill & Ship to the Address” and the screen will take you to the next section.

Now you will see the shipping choices and continue button. In am not sure what international buyers see, but for me, I see a couple choices and one of the is free shipping. I always choose the free shipping, which is already prepopulated for Billet Box purchase in the US. With that, you really only need to click on continue with speed!

Next, you’ll need to check the box that you agree to the terms and conditions and then click continue.

Here’s where using a browser like Google Chrome really helps out. I have a couple of my credit cards already saved in the browser and this step can go super fast. All I do is place my mouse in the credit card number section and my credit cards pop up. Select the one you want and a window will pop up to enter your CCV.

Enter your CCV number and boom, your credit card info is entered automatically.

BOOM! That’s it, pay for order and you’re done. This can literally be done in 10-15 seconds if your fast and the internet speed is sufficient.

You Score a Billet Box!

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  1. I’ve been trying to score one for months now. I’ve done all the suggested steps but still have not been lucky. I refuse to pay flipper prices. It’s frustrating to see the colors come up on site and a week or two later see them for double the price in a group on facebook. I know there’s more than just me that wants one to use and not flip. I do get nervous and mess up from time to time but hopefully one week I’ll eventually get lucky. Thanks for the suggested steps to help out! Love your site!

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