So, You Want to Buy a Billet Box?

Deciding to jump into the “Rabbit Hole” has two flavors – Flipper or Retail.

UPDATED ARTICLE: How to score a Billet Box

Flipper – This has some negative connotations, it is basically described as a private sale from person to person, usually at an inflated price. While this generally affords you faster acquisition time given that the sale listing can come up any day any time (and you have to be lucky enough to see it, so join BST groups), with shipping rather quickly, and you don’t have to wait for the weekly release, you may find yourself paying more than retail for a pristine used or heavily modified with aftermarket parts, retail for slightly scuffed used, or below retail for something that has a lot of dings or scratches, missing parts. The key is the easier acquisition, but it comes at a cost – either in money or quality. The ethics of this transaction methodology is beyond the scope of this post – just know that it exists as an alternative to retail…

Retail – This means purchasing the unit directly off of the website. If you have been following along for a while, you will undoubtedly find that there are many comments about missing out on the drops. They only happen on Saturdays (once a week) at 8:30 am MST on the company’s website. The devices are naturally pristine new and sealed, and the only differences are in the button material. All of this is covered in other posts, but there are no fancy-schmancy boxes – just base models at regular retail price (between 264.50 and 299) – but hey, at least shipping is free and if it is lost, damaged, or malfunctioning, the company has your back.


Hold on there pardner…. (looks around subversively)… there are some secrets that might get me killed, so take note.

  1. Go to the website and make an account
  2. LOG IN to your account, and go to the account information area, and put in all your shipping information. The best idea is that your shipping and billing addresses are identical – it will be much slower to fill out if you ship to one and bill to another, so save a few seconds and just send it to your billing address. Trust me, you want to shave seconds.
  3. Once your account is configured properly, WALK THROUGH THE PURCHASE SO YOU SEE HOW IT WORKS! Go into the ACCESSORIES section, there is usually something in stock that you can purchase, and walk all the way through the process, including putting in your credit card info. Just don’t hit submit. Then back away slowly and clear your basket.
  4. Do it again…
  5. Do it AGAIN… Keep doing it until it is second nature. Practice over and over and over again until you can do it in under 20 seconds on a desktop. This is your best chance, I assure you.
  6. On drop day, get yourself set up early, coffee, LOGGED IN TO THE WEBSITE WITH YOUR ACCOUNT, pull up the Billet Box category (not accessories) and, at about 3 minutes to drop time (if you’re not in MST, Google what time that is, but basically its 7:27 am PST, 8:27 am MST, 9:27 am CST, and 10:27 am EST), then start making sweet sweet love to your F5 button on your keyboard. This is the refresh button. When the stock drops, you will then see the precious “ADD TO CART” buttons light up under the boxes, so refresh, wait for the page to load, and refresh again, load, refresh… lather rinse repeat until that button shows up (NB: use an online clock and time how long it takes for your refresh to load completely. If it takes you 5 seconds to reload, then hitting F5 at XX:29:58am won’t do you much good, you’ve already lost 3 seconds – learn when to press your F5!)
  7. Once that button lights up, run for the hills, and leap all the hurdles until you get the sale done. If you think 20 seconds is laughably too short and you have a lot more time than that, YOU’RE WRONG!

Look, there will be 6-20 (yes, six to twenty) different boxes available, depending on colors and button combinations that BBV has set up for the drop. The fewer the boxes, the more people per box attempting to land them. While you may see posts lamenting that the drop took UP TO 5 MINUTES to close, invariably the cheap ones and rarer color ones are snapped up first in under a minute. The leftovers are usually the expensive ones and less desirable colors. You can choose to go for a more expensive box or less desirable color and will have fewer people to fight over it thereby giving you more time to complete the sale, but there will be fewer in stock and every one of them has a collector looking to get them too. So, speed or price/color, but I’d rely on speed.

Let me go over that again, speed. 20 seconds to complete a purchase on your desktop and, if your F5 game is timed right, you WILL make the purchase.

You don’t want your phone, reception can be bad and load times horrible. USE A DESKTOP ON A WIRED CONNECTION! Or at least a laptop on a wired connection, don’t even trust your home wireless. You don’t want Internet Explorer, it’s still stuck in the ’80s. Get Chrome or Firefox or something FAST and that can store your credit card information (oops, I don’t think I was supposed to mention that). And practice… PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! But if you only have your phone, ganbate! Just practice practice practice (F5=refresh, on phones this is usually performed by swiping all the way downwards to refresh the browser page, at least on an android. iPhones suck, I don’t know how they work and don’t want to know)

Good luck, and may the odds forever be in your favor.

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