Billet Box Info

Billet Box Info TShirts

Billet Box Info TShirts

I have decided to go ahead and make Billet Box Info TShirts. Instead of spending hundreds making the same design and risk getting stuck with inventory, I decided to use a print to order company. ... Turns 1 Today!

BilletBox.Info's 1st Birthday

Today is the 1 year Birthday of this website. I honestly can't believe it's been a year already. Not only has it gone so fast, but I also have so much unfinished work to do on the site. I really ...

Jeremy Lane Green (Gallery)

JLG Gallery

Jeremy Lane Green AKA JLG was one of the people that helped me a ton early on in my leap down the Rabbit Hole. He warned me, he tried to stop me, but I ignored his warnings. He, along with others, ...

Future of Billet Box Info Part 2

Future of Billet Box Info

Here's a quick post about the Future of Billet Box Info. A couple of months ago, I decided to distance myself from the Billet Box community. I still love the Billet Box and Billet Box Vapor. Even ...

BilletBox.Info Future?!

Future of Billet Box Info

Hello Billet Box Fans! Let me start out by saying that the BilletBox.Info future is not in jeopardy. If you have been a fan of the site, you might have noticed that the 4-10 posts I was putting up ...

Contest: Wick’d Ball Cap


I rarely wear hats and I've seen a lot of people asking about the Wick'd ball caps. I purchased this one to support the company and it arrived with my Bridg'd 1.2. Since I don't plan on using it, I ...

We’ve Moved!

We've Moved

If you see this, we're on the new server! If you can see this post, you should be viewing this site with much more speed and with secure SSL. I've been waiting for a while for my 3 year contract ...


Personal Collection

It's all coming together now. I have purchased a few things lately and I even got a device I sold back too! From right to left: 2018 RPG, 2020 Clear, 2016 Dead Flipper Rat (BlackFlip), ...

Billet Box Info
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