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I got my hands on the new Billet Box Vapor RPM Adapter and it’s gonna be a game-changer for the premade coil crowd. It is an adapter that utilizes the A-Tank and the SMOK RPM coils. You can purchase an A-Tank from Billet Box Vapor with or without the Nautilus coil adapter currently. My guess is when these become available, you will have the option to purchase separately or with an A-Tank. I am not sure about the pricing yet.

The SMOK RPM Coils come in the following configurations:

  • 0.4-ohm Mesh
  • 0.6-ohm Triple Mesh Coil
  • 1.2-ohm Quartz
  • 1.0-ohm SC coil
  • RPM 0.3 Ohm MTL
  • RPM RBA coil

The coils are inserted from the bottom without the need to remove the glass as DD said on Billet Box’s website…

Along with the new finishes, we’re changing up the default “ship with” adapter to a Nord coil bridge. These are massively less effort to pop in a new coil than the OCC are.. no need to slide down the glass on the boro tank, just pull the spent coil out the bottom, and plop in a new one. We’ll also let loose a new RPM adapter that works with the A-tank’s larger bottom hole and is just as simple to deal with. Plenty of coils types, like mesh, multi coil, high ohm, low ohm, are available for both, with air flows ranging from “tight like a tiger” to “wide open as luck’s goat of a mother”…

Using the .4 ohm coil with the new Billet Box Vapor RPM Adapter, I have gone through about 20ml of juice and it’s holding up great. I had a tad bit of condensation, but no leaking from the bottom at all. The bottom was bone dry after 12 hours of chain vaping at work.

So far, I am loving this adapter and these coils. I will add it to the Billet Box Accessory Database when I get all the details.

Have a look at my 1st look video.

The Billet Box Vapor RPM Adapter is going to be a very welcome addition to the Billet Box accessory line up for sure. There is a similar 3rd party adapter made by JG called the BriJG, that uses the same method but with PnP or GTX coils instead and it’s been a hit with the premade coil crowd.

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