RPG Billet Box

RPG Billet Box

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RPG Billet Box

The Royal Purple Grey Billet Box was first announced on Jul 19, 2014.

…but we can’t seem to agree what color it is… our anodizers call it grey blue, a few people have just called it grey, some called it really dark blue, i call it kinda purple , … who knows… depends on the light… but it’s neat and that’s what’s important.

For some inspiration on customizing your RPG, check out our gallery.

Order from Billet Box Vapor (when available)

Machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum, bead blasted and bright dip anodized. The Billet Box is the first E-Vaporizer to incorporate massive battery power, a huge 5.5ml E-fluid tank, and all electronics internalized into a beautifully handcrafted mod. The end result is a dependable, sleek, solid, obscenely well crafted USA made vaporizer that needs very little attention to maintain.


  • R4 Light Blue Billet Box with a DNA-60
  • 5.5ml Boro
  • OCC Coil Adapter
  • Replacement O-Rings 

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Photos: RPG Billet Box

General Billet Box Info

The Billet Box is roughly the size & shape of a pack of cigarettes. It has a completely enclosed battery, chip, screen, tank, and atomizer. Billet Boxes are very customizable and there are dozens of modders that create all sorts of great addons from panels to colored Boros. They are relatively Hassle-Free and have gotten better over the years.

Billet Box was started in 2011 and saw tons of changes from that point until 2016. In 2016, there were quite a few changes including going from Rev3 to Rev4 and going from the DNA 40 chip to the DNA 60 chip. There have been very few changes since then and I can only assume this has to do with government regulations pending. I am sure that is frustrating to see with China not caring about the US Government.

Colors were introduced in 2014 with Rev.3a as well as occasional button changes. Prior to this, they were all the color of raw aluminum.

In 2016, they went away with the cover that slid up with the ball bearing to a magnet-based panel.

The Billet Box logo changed in 2018 and they started printing the logo on the body under the fire button panel at that point. Prior years, at least 2016 and 2017, the logo and year were printed inside of the panels. They also started using a presentation box with the new logo to ship the devices in.

For more information about the History of the Billet Box, check out our timeline.

Video Reviews

Rev 4A-40 Ruby Roo


Rev4B-60 Todd’s Reviews

Billet Box Info
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