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Do you want to get your RBA listed on Billet Box Info?

The site has 2 sections that help users of Billet Box and other Boro Mods find out about all the RBAs and Bridges that are available out there. We have a list of RBAs and Bridges as well as a database.

I have created this page to help facilitate getting new RBAs and Boro Bridges added to the database. I am not active on Facebook in all the Boro-related groups anymore and it’s harder for me to keep these resources up, but with the help of users and modders, I can continue to keep them updated and all-inclusive.

If I find out about an RBA, I make efforts to contact the modder to request info, but sometimes it doesn’t work out well. In those cases, I am adding the graphic above to their listings. Once I get that info, I will update the listing with the provided info.

Why should I do this?

Free advertising? Yes! Remember, I don’t sell any products and do not make any money. This is purely a passion product. I just want to help others.

I want to allow people looking for RBAs and Bridges the opportunity to see what is available. Oftentimes, I get messages from frustrated new owners that searched and found only the mass-produced products found on some retailers’ sites and weren’t aware just how many products are actually out there. By keeping these resources up to date, they can now decide what is best for their style of vaping and avoid spending money on products that aren’t best for their needs.

Do you need to be on Billet Box Info? Maybe, maybe not. Your company might be super well known and your products might sell themselves. That’s fine, but having it listed here can’t hurt it at all. There are people who Google RBAs all the time and the modder doesn’t have its own website. Remember, not everyone is on Facebook or Instagram.

As you can see, there are several retailers selling this RBA, but we come up #3 on the search. If the RBA is not being sold by retailers, the listing typically comes up #1.

Here’s what some of our members have to say about our database of RBAs.

What info do I need?

All of it!!! Seriously, the more the better. I aim to have the following info for each RBA/Bridge: Price, availability, how to purchase, links to social media (Facebook and Instagram) and website, specifications, what’s included, and I would really love to have a 1-2 paragraph introduction about the RBA or Bridge. In addition, I like to have at least 6 great photos and I have the ability to add YouTube videos of the products, for example… the Dope RBA listing. Feel free to contact me later with any new videos or photos to add. A good example of a complete listing is the Black Rose Spade. This modder was very helpful in getting details out to me, as well as photos.

How do I get you this info?

You are more than welcome to contact me on Facebook or fill out the form below… or both.

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