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Boro Box Info was registered as a joke, but then I thought about it and considered it. Then I decided it was too much to handle. So. Nope. Maybe one day, not today though.

In all seriousness, this domain was purchased as a joke on the 1 year anniversary of — While I have several Boro devices that are not Billet Boxes, I don’t have the energy or passion to extend past my 1st Boro Love, the Billet Box.

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A Boro Device or Boro Box is a device that uses either Billet Box Vapor’s “Boro” or their own proprietary tank similar to a Boro like the Abyss, Hellfire Moab, etc. No matter what the device, the Billet Box is the original AIO device and has led the way for the popularity of the genre of vaping we call a Boro device. While most of the popularity of these devices is owed Billet Box Vapor themselves, it’s the innovation of the bridges and RBAs that has kept Boro-style vaping relevant. If not for great RBAs like the Exocet, Bridg’d, and others, I don’t think we’d be where we are today.

There are tons of Boro Devices out there now. Here is a list of Boro Devices.

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THIS LIST IS OUT OF DATE AND PROBABLY WON’T BE UPDATED ANYMORE. There are just too many mods coming out for me to keep up with. I will remain focused on the Billet Box.

  • Billet Box – The Original Boro Device.
  • Delro – Boro Device from JG that takes a standard Boro and comes in DNA or Dicodes versions. Lipo Battery.
  • StashBox  – A DNA75 Boro device by BMM. Takes standard Boro and comes in 18650 and 21700 varieties.
  • BoRat – DNA60 Boro device from BMM that takes standard Boros.
  • Key – Boro device from Mums that takes a standard Boro or a larger Boro made by Mums.
  • MOAB – The Hellfire MOAB has an 8ml tank similar to a Boro, but it is proprietary. The newer tanks can house any Boro bridge.
  • Evo – The 67mods Evo is a DNA 60 mod that uses a proprietary tank that uses Boro bridges.
  • Abyss – The Abyss is another mod that uses a proprietary tank that uses Boro bridges.
  • Slide – Boro device from Bovingdon Fab out of Canada.
  • Aspire Boxx – This is a Boro device that is part of the Aspire Prestige line and is a collab between Sunbox, Aspire, and Atmizoo.
  • Harpy Harbo-r  – Regulated version of the Harpy. Uses standard Boros.
  • Harpy Harbor – Mech version of the Harpy. Takes standard Boros.
  • Meta – Standard Boro device from Ground Cloud Innovations.
  • Ion – Device by Protocol that takes standard Boros.
  • SVA Mod AIO – A new Boro device from SVA Mods.
  • Turboro – Takes standard Boros.
  • Orca – Takes standard Boros.
  • Slug – Boro device from N.R-Designs.
  • Fifty/50 – 18350 mech mod that uses standard boro from Limelight Mechanics.
  • Zeppelin – Boro mod from Epsilon Forth that uses a standard Boro.
  • Zero Boro – A Boro device by Sunbox. Takes standard Boros.
  • Bantam Box – Not a fan of clone companies, but this one isn’t a clone. Takes a standard Boro.
  • Borohm v2 – Mech Boro Device
  • VBox – Boro device from BBVN.
  • Mero – Mech Boro device. Takes standard Boros.
  • Bestia Block – DNA75c Boro mod that takes standard Boros by Bestia, made from Delrin.


Bold – Devices I’ve owned.


Billet Box Info
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