Stickers and Donations for Kris

It’s with a heavy heart that I am doing this, but one of our own has come down with cervical cancer, Kris Milic. This is going to cause a financial burden on Kris and she’s already readying herself by selling off some of her mods. I don’t want her to have to do that. It’s painful to see a friend going through cancer and we definitely don’t want to see her have to sell all her pretty pink mods to get through this.

I was thinking about a good way to help with her medical bills and everyone likes stickers. I don’t sell my stickers, but I am going to sell a special sticker for this fund raiser to help Kris. I really don’t want to see her have to sell off all her beautiful devices because of the financial burden of this.

You can either purchase stickers below through Paypal or if you’d rather just donate, use the direct donation link below. Don’t forget to keep your “transaction ID” from Paypal, you’ll need it to enter the contest. (details below)

Stickers will be in the process and should start being sent out in a couple of weeks.

In addition to the stickers we’re hosting a contest. If you donate or purchase a sticker, you can enter the contest and have a chance to win one of the following prizes, graciously donated!

Fill out the form to enter.

To clarify on how the contest will work, you donate, then fill out the form. Any donation amount above $10 gets you one entry. When I run the random, I’m just going to take the top names, depending on the amount of prizes. They are the winners. After that, I’ll go down that list and let the winners pick their prize based on their number in the random. I was going to do it like the birthday contest and run each prize separately but that would take all night to run. I think this will be fair and equitable for everyone involved. Like the last contest, #NoButtHurt.

  • Billet Box Vapor – To Be Announced
  • Custom 2021 USB Billet Box from Elemental Cerakote
  • Black Delrin Mums Key DNA version donated by Conor Mums
  • StashBox 2.1 Magenta – Donated by Charles Rowe (BMM)
  • Billy Club V2 Donated by Jason Diamond
  • SS MOBB Mini +accessories with a custom engraving of winners choice donated by Jacek Abramek of Monarchy Vapes
  • Meraki Creations Akhelios Mod donated by Loius Pietroluongo
  • Wick’d Mech’d Kit donated by Tom O’Halloran
  • MIssion XV 8 Bit ROKR Switch (1 winner) – Donated by Michael Pham of Mission XV
  • MIssion XV Mission Tips (3 winners) – Donated by Michael Pham of Mission XV
  • 2 sets of Kontrl CYBR II panels from Sway Medina.
  • Custom Panels from Bennett Tool Customs donated by Matt Bennett
  • Desce will be making a 1/1 pouch with the F*CK CANCER Kris Bunny and it will be waffled. More details on that soon.
  • Treasury Keychains from Ariel Treasury – 3 of each, 6 winners
  • RJ Modz Skeleton Delro panels donated by Christian Westermann
  • LX Aqua Hive Mission panels donated by Mike Chesterson of 4DCB (Panels, switch not included)
  • 1 set of Atmo Custom Franken panels donated by Theo Nestora
  • Pink Neon Delro panels and red screws from Gabriele Rossi
  • NS Modz is providing me with 200 NS Modz BB Authenticity stickers to go out with the 1st 200 F*CK Cancer stickers. In addition they are sending over a white Cerakote tip/screw set and a Red with Black Splatter tip/screw set for 2 winners.
  • Custom made Acrylic painting by Steve Knipe (Will be made and customized for the winner’s country with the Wick’d Panda for that country)
  • Lucky Modz Bundle – Pink Round Inners, Pink clover button, Panels, 2 screw sets, and some juice.
  • Collection of custom coils from Andy Prescott of Red Beard Custom coils
  • A set of Wick’d Coasters hand-made by Chris Thomas Sr.
  • Treasury Case, Stash Panels/DooDad Customs buttons, and Haku Xeta donated by Tom Holden
  • Gekko Special Edition ODB Wraps (4 packs) donated by Christian Westermann

Dominick Ball of Billet Box USA is helping out with the cost of the stickers and will be helping get the word out.

The rules are in the contest form, but they are fairly simple. One entry per person, winners can only win once, $10 min donation/sticker purchase to enter. No cheaters.

I will update everyone on the progress and with other efforts to help Kris out as they become available.

As an aside, the Billet Box Info bunny has never had a name. As of today… our bunny will now be called Kris Wabbit.

  • Update 5/8: Thanks to everyone that has donated, purchased stickers, and donated prizes for the contest. We are well over $2k already. This outpouring of support for Kris is amazing. Also, for those that might be concerned, my books are open… privately obv. If you have any concerns or want to discuss options, let me know.
  • Update 5/8: With 3 weeks left in the contest, we just hit $3k raised. I’m gonna have to order more stickers.
  • Update 5/9: Stickers are on their way, I have already got all the envelopes ready for those that have already bought stickers. The contest ends in a little under 2 weeks. The donations slowed today, but still, we’re almost at $3500. Thanks to everyone that has already helped.
  • Update 5/12: I am considering ending the contest earlier to make way for other fundraising efforts by others. Also, we have right at $4k USD for Ms. Kris already. My goal was a little higher, maybe we can still hit that goal.
  • Update 5/14: With two days left, we have hit the goal I set already. We hit $5k raised early this morning. Thanks everyone!
  • Update 5/16: The contest ends today. We are over $6k raised. Thanks everyone!

Thanks Everyone! Please say prayers for Kris and her family.

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  1. Hello Kris 💜
    I wish you lots of strengh🙏
    I’m sure you’ll beat this fuck cancer💪
    Love you 💜💜💜

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