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Wick’d is back with a new RBA and it’s quite different from the previous line of Bridg’d RBAs… the REMIX’D RBA.
First and foremost, I personally would like to show my appreciation to all the Pandas who have supported and been with us since day one. You guys have been a major inspiration for me and my team to push boundaries, move mountains and work our way to achieve excellence in our works and crafts. The BRIDG’D RBA series is present in the high-end market for 3 long years and counting, thank you very much for all the love and support you guys have bestowed upon me and my brand.
As we move forward to our constant search for greatness, we would like to introduce to you the REMIX’D RBA.

So, without any further ado, let’s start…


This RBA was a result of our long-time experiences designing and producing rebuildable atomizers along with me and the back-end team’s fruitful R&D over the past 4 months. During our market research, I noticed a lot of changes in today’s Boro/AIO needs as to compared to what we needed back in 2019 and we also learned that there are things that are standard to all of us and don’t need any changes. Based on what we learned; airflow inserts are a “set to forget” thing nowadays once the end-user finds the sweet spot they are looking for in a rebuildable bridge but at the same time, the current market still needs versatility all around to cater to various vaping styles. As everybody knows, WICK’D is always about function over form, however, we also want to have a modular-designed RBA meant to be accessorized and be able to produce various parts to suit most of the Boro AIO users. Hence, the REMIX’D RBA is born.


The REMIX’D has a 4.5mm inner diameter chimney as opposed to its predecessors which have 4.0mm, 3.8mm, and 3.5mm ID. Despite the large inner diameter, it’s noticeable that the draw is smoother compared to the older WICK’D RBAs. The chimney section has a female threading similar to the Omega but the outer portion has a clean, straight, and sleek look similar to the Gen-1 and Gen-2 Bridg’D.


This part of the RBA acts as the first half of the modular REMIX’D chamber. It has a male threading similar to the Omega to keep the thickness shorter. The outer look has this funneled conical shape with two slits on each side. The interior part of the top plate acts as the roof to complete the chamber of the RBA unit. It has a slammed chamber and no cutout aside from the radial doming/chamfer in the center to give more space for the air to travel in the chimney section. The top plate has an O-ring fitted in the sleeve.


This is the second half of the modular REMIX’D chamber. If you’re a long-time BRIDG’D user, you know that one of the features we never touched or revised was the wick ports’ size/shape because we firmly believe that if something’s not broken then nothing should be fixed. But as time goes by and while the market is constantly evolving, we have noticed some specific requirements the end-users want to be addressed and one of it is the wick ports. So, in the REMIX’D RBA, we’ve made the wick ports larger to keep up with the wicking and makes the cotton stay saturated to help produce great flavor production. We’ve placed the holes in the far corner to take advantage of the front and back surface of the sleeve for cosmetic purposes, engravings, and/or other customization. If you take a look inside the sleeve, you will see stoppers that will sit on the deck when you build your RBA.


Unlike the BRIDG’D models, this RBA is sporting an open deck with a wide landscape to play with and wicking notches aligned with the sleeve’s wick hole to keep the cotton saturated. The building posts still have the same diagonal orientation because we found that it is still the most effective position to take advantage of the spacious landscape and to accommodate even the exotic coils and still have enough space for the cotton. The post shape is reinforced furthermore and the shape is designed to complete the chamber’s volume. Installing coil on the deck is something most of us are familiar with so there’s nothing much to explain aside from the coil positioning is near the airflow compared to the previous BRIDG’D RBA series, which pleasantly surprises me because it produces better flavor overall. We use m2.5*3mm post screws, KETRON PEEK material for our insulator as our standard and the deck holds the sleeve with Nitrile O-ring.
So, let’s talk about the bottom part of the deck. As most of you guys know, we have always included a 510 adapter in every RBA that we’ve made solely because the Boro/AIO market back in the day was still in the experimental stage, and most end-users were still trying to figure out which airflow will suit their style. And with that, we have always thought that we need a primary positive nut to hold the positive post so that even if the RBA is in the boro, end-users can swap out the airflow with confidence that the positive post will not move at all. But as we clearly see in the market lately, airflow inserts are a “set to forget” thing. Having that said, we removed the positive nut from the equation which leaves us more room to place a 510 threading on the base of the RBA, this is actually one of the major requests from our audiences.


The bottom plate is specifically designed with the same shape and dimension as the top plate to give the RBA a symmetrical look and an added negative ground for the RBA. It will be secured at the bottom with a locking ring that is also meant to hide the 510 threading.


This tiny ring is very important for the RBA assembly as it holds the bottom plate and hides the 510 threading underneath.


The REMIX’D is designed specifically to excel in the versatility of the BRIDG’D. WICK’D, being the pioneer in using the interchangeable airflow pins from the bottom of the RBA, we are now providing a total of 7 airflows to be able to cater both ends of the spectrum.
  • 1.2mm for MTL
  • 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm for RDL
  • 3.5mm, 4mm, and a 4.5mm airflow for your DL needs
The base of the airflow pins is solid for better conductivity and it has larger slits on both sides to perform better. All airflow pins has shrink tubes installed for added insulation.


I have been testing this RBA for months now and all I can say is that I am happy with the REMIX’D RBA. Here are my overall observations over the months of me testing it out:
  • The REMIX’D is a tad wider than the BRIDG’D due to the parts and dimension requirements but it doesn’t affect the usage and performance negatively.
  • For a 3mm exotic coil (5 and a half wraps), with enough working space, I didn’t find myself wrestling the deck to secure and position the coil.
  • Wicking is easy, trimming along the edge of the deck and positioning the cotton with the sleeve on is more than enough but for all the users, I am pretty sure everybody will have their own way to wick it.
  • The open sleeve gives me the liberty to position the cotton based on my preference.
  • The built-in 510 threading is a major plus because it’s more practical especially when traveling.
  • Since the RBA has a built-in 510 adapter and it needs to accommodate up to 4.5mm, you need to push and thread in the deck in your spring-loaded building tab or mod. (To be able to accommodate TRUE 4.5mm airflow, we need that airflow pin a bit longer to have larger slits on it.)
  • The chimney, top plate and the sleeve assembled together with the deck gives me a warmer, condensed, and saturated vapor production.
  • The wick ports on the sleeve and the wick channels on the deck help keep the cotton saturated. I tried to wick it in various ways but I never experience any dry hits whatsoever.
  • Another note with the wick ports is that it can keep up with DL vaping really well without dry hits.
  • In my own experience vaping both RBA’s with the same coil, juice, and cotton, the REMIX’D surpasses the BRIDG’D in terms of flavor production, as it amplifies the flavor more and it gives you a more succulent vape even with a 4.5mm airflow pin.
  • The overall look shines because of the symmetrical shape, spacious landscape for engraving and the cutouts on the top and bottom portion of the RBA. I am looking forward to creating cool accessories in the near future.
  • I never had any fitment issues with boros and 3rd party boro tanks that I own. I tried them in an OG Billet Box boro, Mission Space Pod, Protocol Vtech ProRo, Kilic’s KilBor, SSS Lab boro, VIP Customs boro tank and Veepon tank.
Pricing and Availability
The Remix’d RBA has an RRP of $190 USD, but the availability is unknown at this time.
Learn more in their Facebook group.

Specification: REMIX’D RBA

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