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Wick’d Link’d Details


Wick'd had their reveal today of the Wick'd Link'd and I have finally had a chance to watch the replay of the live stream. They are calling this an RBTA, which is a new term. It's similar to other ...

Billet Box REV 3 Barn Find

Billet Box REV 3 Barn Find

Before I tell you about this amazing Billet Box REV 3 Barn Find, let me tell you what this reminds me of. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine, who happens to be a Harley Davidson mechanic, ...

Miss Purple Vape Kris (Gallery)

Kris Milic

Kris is a Boro device queen out of France who has some of the most beautiful pink and purple Billet Boxes in the community. I just wanted to share some of her awesome photos of her Billet Box ...

Know your Bridg’d Version

Know your Bridg'd Version

As suggested by Russell Highland on Facebook, here's a "Know your Bridg'd Version" post. I've owned 7 Bridg'ds in the past and have 4 currently, but all of mine are version 1.0 and 1.2s. There have ...

Nord vs RPM Adapters from BBV

Billet Box Adapter

Just some photos to show the difference between the Nord and RPM adapters from Billet Box Vapor. The Nord adapter is now the stock coil adapter and the RPM adapter is now available on the Billet Box ...

Future of Billet Box Info Part 2

Future of Billet Box Info

Here's a quick post about the Future of Billet Box Info. A couple of months ago, I decided to distance myself from the Billet Box community. I still love the Billet Box and Billet Box Vapor. Even ...

BilletBox.Info Future?!

Future of Billet Box Info

Hello Billet Box Fans! Let me start out by saying that the BilletBox.Info future is not in jeopardy. If you have been a fan of the site, you might have noticed that the 4-10 posts I was putting up ...

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