About Billet Box Info

Billet Box Info is for those looking to learn more about going down the Billet Box Rabbit Hole.

When I finally decided to get into the Billet Box game, I was lost. All the different names, Bx8, Kurbis, Boro, I didn’t know what all that meant. I searched around but didn’t find many resources to make head or tails of it all. I was lucky to have a couple of friends from the Monarchy and Hussar community to help me out some.

While I still don’t know that much, I decided to help others learn while I learn. I decided to put this site together for a couple of reasons. Like I said, to help others, but also a place for me and my friends to share our adventures in the Billet Box World.

Thanks for visiting the Billet Box Info!

Here are some of the features I am planning for Billet Box Info.

  • A blog with Billet Box news and my own personal adventures as well as those of some of my friends.
  • A Link directory to all the best sites/groups to buy/sell/trade accessories and learn more about Billet Boxes as well as retailers selling Billet Box accessories.
  • A database of some of the most common accessories complete with video reviews from some of the best YouTubers embedded into the listings.
  • As time goes on, I will add more features like the Billet Box History and FAQ pages.

I have more planned as well, but for now, I want to concentrate on fleshing these resources out. Thanks for checking out Billetbox.info!

Billet Box Info
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